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May. 13th, 2011

The First Queen.

“Your time has come,” His voice strong filled with undying loyalty to his crown, “Our people will rise!” he raised his sword above himself. “This day, is the beginning of their ruins!” the soldiers cheered, “It has been far too long we have waited for this moment. The moment of freedom is upon us!” his dark hair covered with a helmet that was incrusted with his clans emblem.

“You must fight!” Another voice shouted, but was not a mans voice, but a woman’s. Her long hair concealed behind her helmet, her small frame layered in armory. She was the First queen. “Our very existences are at stake! Your wives, children, loved ones! We are what stands between them and us.” She spoke strongly, her army agreed, they cheered.


In a time where life and death were between the left and right hand side of a man’s belt sheathed in his holster, a woman came from the ruins: Blue eyes, long blond hair, skin smooth as porcelain. In a time where a woman was pushed aside and ridiculed for standing up for herself. She tells a story that every human should be able to understand, to relate to, to believe in anything is possible.

“Marionette! Let down your hair!” the teenage girl who was on the ridge of becoming a woman laughed, her hair was long and silky as her face flushed in embarrassment.
“Charles! Why must you continue to harass me in such a way!” she simply laughed while swinging open the shutters of her room,
“Marionette! Marionette, let down your hair!” he chanted once again. She knew he played many games such as these but, she knew something was different.
“Charles wait a moment!” she called out quickly grabbing hold of her rather ratty looking coat. The dark brown cloth that it had been cut from was stained in multiple places. Marionette couldn’t afford an expensive dress or even proper clothing. She hand sown them herself without any assistance from her mother in the mean while,
“Mother!” she dashed down the steps from her room down the stairs to see her mother,
“Yes?” her mother had short brown hair and almost black eyes,
“Charles and I-“ she was cut off by her mother laughing,
“i know, i know.. you want to spend time with Charles. He seems like a nice boy, remember not to become involved with him.” She stated rather bland,
“What do you mean?” Marionette questioned, a confused look washed over her,
“nothing, run along.” Her mother waved her away as she continued to sew the rest of the orders,
“Alright.. i love you,” The blond girl chimed before rushing outside to play. She wore a poor boys outfit, a pair of tattered leather shoes slacks that looked miserable, it was almost embarrassing to call her a woman. For this she was grateful for.
“Marionette you have come for me! Save me oh princess!” Charles fell to the ground holding his chest laughing till his stomach hurt,
“This will not be tolerated!” Marionette shouted before charging at him and pinned him with his arms over his head to the ground,
“you know it could be almost impossible for you to resist me,” Charles smirked underneath her,
“No way!” Marionette stared him down and moved closer, “you can’t resist me,” she whispered. Her breath brushed passed his lips sending a chilling wave of curiosity down his spine.
“oh really?” his smirk didn’t move, he quickly grabbed hold of her wrists and spun her onto the ground,
“tch,” marionette sighed,
“Oh well! Apparently my little brother can’t even beat a girl,” Marionette looked up from Charles to see his older brother James.
“J-James!” Marionette had a rather large crush on the taller boy, he had brown hair and hazel eyes. While his younger brother Charles only bore his father’s features of dark hair and dark eyes. 
“Lady Marionette,” James mocked a bow,
“Y-you don’t need to,...” her voice became caught in her throat as Charles got up from the ground and dusted himself off,
“you barely even get out of the house and your already falling around,” James couldn’t help but laugh at his younger brother while looking at the young woman. She was  17 years old, considering her age she was most likely betrothed to another man.
“Why are you here?” Charles asked annoyed at the site of his older brother, he was 19 years old; and still unmarried.
“i came here to tell you, mother is looking for you.” He stated simply before grabbing him by the arm and dragging him out of the way,
“Oh, Marionette..” she quickly looked up at him,
“you got dirt on your face,” he pointed out touching the left side of his own face,
“o-oh,” she gently touched her own face before coming back to reality.
“Don’t worry you got it..” James dropped Charles arm and come up to her before plucking out a strand of hay from her hair,
“we should go out for dinner...if you’d like.” James asked with a sweet smile across his lips,
“James!” Charles shouted still clearly mad, “Leave, MY Marionette alone.” He frowned.
“It’s fine, I’m fine, She’s fine.” James laughed, “Think about it..” he whispered before turning around and leaving.

“The time will come when you will come and find me,”

Marionette shook her head and looked around her surroundings to find herself in her room: a single candle lighting the room, the curtains closed, and her body felt ice cold. Filled with fear she touched her face, the legends of woman being killed in the veil of night. Fearing she may have died and came to life she turned to her dresser and practically fell from her bed running to it to see her own reflection. Her eyes had dimmed from her bright almost neon blue eyes, she noticed the flakes of green and silver peer back at her.  Tracing her eyes down her small frame she was drawn attention to a letter on the desk, it read

“The Truth About You.”

Marionette looked at it with curiosity. Gently she grabbed hold of the letter and flipped it to see the seal of a  rose, grabbing hold of her letter opener she slit the black candle wax and pulled out a single piece of paper,

To my loving daughter,

            The world has become unstable, for this I am great fully sorry for what I have put you through. I am not here anymore, but I leave you in the care of a family I do not know. I don’t have very much time, but as of now. Your true name is Clarise Cordel, you are of age to take over, say your name, and everything will be true. The time has come my daughter. You will become the greatest being in the world.

Your Father

Jan. 29th, 2011

Silence speaks volume

I just want to disappear from this life,
monday threw sunday i feel the regret of who i am
the sense of knowing life isnt what its cracked out to be
all those childhood dreams comming to an end
realizing love doesnt exist in a world so cold
i look to the stars in search for answers
for every problem theres a solution
why cant i find my love? why cant i find someone to hold me and say its okay
am i selfish to think i cant find him in my life?
my heart aches
my breathing becoming labored
why cant life make sense anymore
all i want is you in my life,
i want you to complete me,
i can become perfect if you are with me.
each tear that falls is pieces of my frozen heart
i look forward to seeing you in another life.

Jan. 24th, 2011

A Womans Tale.

you wont ever understand the pain i feel,
this hatred growing inside me
grasping tightly into the the depth of my core
the pain and suffering of knowing i'm an unwanted child,
they call me a bastard child,
a child without a father.
I am born into a world of imperfections
i am born into a world of opportunities
i am born into a world ruled by man.
a woman has no power to express herself
don't talk unless spoken too
listen constantly, if not it will be your word against mine
its a never ending fight.
being the first child born. and not being a boy.
i've held the feeling in my chest as though it was a child
dreaming of silly ideals,
what if i wasn't a woman, what if i was a man.
would people listen to me then?
would i not be treated lightly
would they understand who i am?
of course not they would never understand
the same way i will never understand you, and you wont ever understand me.
but i still wonder, what would it be like to see a world that was perfect
i wonder what a world would look like with a set destiny
i wonder what a world would look like that was ruled my woman.
maybe it would be a simple world.
or maybe it would be a world worth fighting for.